Wellness BloodWork Special

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Your pet's illness won't always be obvious. Our Wellness Panel includes:

Chem 27, comprehensive CBC, canine heartworm antigen by ELISA, free T4, T4, urinalysis. Cost: $162.50 (This does NOT INCLUDE an exam or other services)

Teeth and Mouth: Gingivitis, periodontal disease, oral cancer.

If left untreated: Oral pain, tooth root abscesses, tooth loss, systemic infection, cancer progression

Liver: Inflammatory liver disease, toxic reaction to certain drugs, cancer, fatty liver in cats, Cushing’s disease in dogs

If left untreated: Jaundice, liver failure, anemia, bleeding disorders, cancer progression, death

Kidney: Acute and chronic kidney diseases, kidney stones, kidney infection

If left untreated: Irreversible kidney damage, kidney failure, urinary tract blockage, high blood pressure, blindness, anemia, death

Heart and Lungs: Heart muscle disease, leaky heart valves, irregular heart rhythms, heartworm disease, bronchitis

If left untreated: Poor circulation, fluid buildup in lungs and/or belly, congestive heart failure, pneumonia, sudden death

Joints and Bones: Arthritis, hip dysplasia, torn cruciate ligament in knee, degenerative back disease

If left untreated: Pain, reduced mobility, progressive arthritis, paralysis

Glands/Endocrine System: Diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenal disease

If left untreated: Cataracts, blindness, wasting, hair/coat changes, hair loss, skin infections, collapse, death

Cancer: Cancers of the skin, spleen, liver, lymph nodes, bone, blood, etc.

If left untreated: Progressive disease, organ failure, death

Eyes and Vision: Corneal ulcers, cataracts, dry eye, glaucoma

If left untreated: Pain, progressive blindness, loss of eye

Digestive/Gastrointestinal System: Intestinal parasites, other intestinal infections, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, pancreatitis, cancer

If left untreated: Inability to absorb nutrients from food, wasting, abdominal pain, cancer progression, death

Skin: Allergies, fleas, mites, ticks, lumps, skin infections, ear infections, skin cancer

If left untreated: Hair loss, tick-borne infections, worsening infections, hearing loss, cancer progression